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Eaziwaiver is a comprehensive waiver/registration/application form management system. As with all such documents, there are two "interested parties" - the participant and the facility (see definition below). A facility sets up and owns the documents while the participant signs and accepts the terms of the document for submission to the specific facility.

The system allows for a participant to enter there own generic information into the system once and then use this to pre-populate any number of documents as required. A facility is able to manage all participants electronically signed documents and use these as outlined in their own terms and conditions.

Participant's benefits:

Facility Benefits:

Legal Advice

Eaziwaiver Pty Ltd is not able to provide legal advice. All of the details in this document and systems are for guidelines alone. You must seek your own professional legal advice before utilizing the system of any of the Eaziwaiver documents.

Data Usage and Privacy.

Participant's data is registered and secured within the Eaziwaiver system. Ownership of all personal data held on the system remains vested with the person that has loaded the data. This data may not be used by Eaziwaiver or any of the facilities unless and until the owner has expressly provided consent by electronically signing a document for a specific waiver. At that point the use of the data/information provided to a specific facility may be used by that facility in line with the guidelines and intention of that document. At no stage will any facility be able to see, use or access a participant’s information until the participant has authorised such use by signing a document of that specific facility.



A business is the customer of Eaziwaiver and is the Organisation that requires the waiver to be completed. Also referred to as Facility.

Custom Questions

Custom questions are the mechanism whereby you can collect information that is specific to your organisation. There are two types of field i.e. y/n check box or free format text.


A document is the document posted by a facility for a participant to sign electronically. A document may be any document that required a person (Participant) to enter data and sign.

Default Questions

These are a set list of questions that you may use on your document. These have set formats and wording is fixed.


A facility is the organisation or entity that publishes a document for completion and acceptance of waivers by a participant. A business can have multiple facilities or branches if required.


A manifest is an extract of signed waivers that is used by a facility to create load manifests and/or similar documents. After selection of signed waivers by a facility a comma-separated file (CSV) is downloaded for use within applications such as Microsoft Excel.


Occupational health and safety is concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged or participating in activities at your facility. These standards are normally set out in legislation. Please refer to the standards that are applicable in your country and industry.


A participant is a person that will read, enter information, electronically sign and accept the terms of a document published by a facility


A waiver is the document designed, compiled and published by a facility for reading, capture of information, signing and acceptance by a participant. A waver document may be a waiver, release, application, registration etc.


2.1. Introduction

Eaziwaiver is a comprehensive waiver system that allows participants to register their base details securely and ONCE only. These details remain private and no facility has access to these details until you have signed a waiver whereby you pass your details onto that facility through the electronic signature of the waiver.
The key benefits to you the participant for using Eaziwaiver are as follows:

2.2. Getting Started

From the home screen select "Participant" button
screenshot 1

2.3. First Time Participant

The first time you visit you will have to register all you base details. As mentioned above these details are securely held and no facility has access to these until such time as you enter into a waiver agreement with a specific facility.

From the home screen select “Register” button

screenshot 2

This takes you to the page where you capture all your base data. All fields marked with an "*" are mandatory and you will not be able to progress past this section until completed.

Note: for postal address, if same as physical simply check "same as above for auto completion"

screenshot 3

First name and last name must be entered correctly as these will be required to be matched every time you sign a waiver in the future. Your first and last name provides a level of authentication when signing all waivers in the future.

Scroll down for more information. Note: Mobile number requires a country code e.g. 1 for USA, 44 for UK, 61 for Australia etc. For the Telephone number, which is not mandatory, it allows for a country code and area code.

Passport number and drivers licence are not mandatory but if not entered and they are required by a facility in the future you will have to enter these at that point.

screenshot 4
Further down, Date of Birth is also a mandatory field and should be completed with the drop down menus. NOTE: you must click month first followed by year and then date.
screenshot 5

Further down again, you are required to enter an email address. This is of critical importance as it will be your unique identifier and the only way you will be able to sign on to the system in the future. Please ensure that it is correctly entered.

When all the fields are completed, click on the next screen button (Green right arrow) and this takes you to the password page. Please create and enter your very own password here. You will have to enter it twice to ensure there are no spelling mistakes etc. Please remember this to enter Eaziwaiver in the future.

screenshot 6

Press enter and this will have you all registered

This now takes you straight into the system as if you had signed on. Go to point 3.5. Next time you will have to sign on using your email and password.

2.4. Returning Participant (i.e. you have registered before)

From the home screen you would have selected "Participant" and you would have been presented with the log in screen. Enter your email address and password and press "Login"
screenshot 7

2.5. Waivers signed previously

When signed in, you are presented with the Participant Home screen.

Here you will be able to see and review all waivers that you have signed in the past. Simply click on the "view" button on the right hand side and this presents you with the full waiver with all the details you entered at that time. You cannot change any details on these views as they are documents that have been signed in the past and are agreements with the facility that you entered into. If you wish to update any details you must complete a new waiver for that facility. The facility will be able to view all signed and use the latest.

screenshot 8

2.6. Amend my profile details

Should any of your details change, simple select “profile” at the top of the screen, change the relevant details and remember to save. Note this will not change any details of waivers signed previously but will be used for all future waivers.

screenshot 9

2.7. Select facility

Now we have all the background stuff out of the way, we can get down to basics. The first thing we have to do is select the facility that you want to sign a waiver with. Click on the "Select Facility" drop down box and scroll down to find your facility.

screenshot 10

2.8. Select the correct waiver

While most facilities will only have one waiver, some may have numerous. Select the waiver you need to sign by clicking on the "apply" button on the right of the screen. If in doubt check with your facility which waiver they require.

screenshot 11

2.9. Complete waiver

You will note that all fields that are similar to the ones required in your profile will have been auto populated. Please complete all other fields required.

You will not be allowed to move past this screen until all required (marked with an "*" are completed. Fields not completed will be highlighted in Red.

screenshot 12

2.10. Authenticate Waiver

This is the first level of authentication, i.e. to show it is you that signed the waiver. Firstly you are able to see the facilities terms and conditions in their waiver – please review these carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: You are entering into a legally binding agreement with the facility. Eaziwaiver Pty Ltd does not provide any legal advice. Eaziwaiver Pty Ltd does not control or advise on the contents of the waiver. Any questions on the waiver must be directed at the facility and it is recommended that you seek your own legal advice before entering into any agreement.

In the text box, please enter your first name EXACTLY as you did on your registration form. If you included middle names these must be included here. When you enter here must match exactly to your registration. As soon as the name matched the RED X will turn to a WHITE tick. At this point you may proceed and select next screen.

screenshot 13

2.11. Confirm Waiver

Almost there, this screen presents the full waiver including all the details that have been populated from your profile as well as those entered by you. Please read and check carefully and if you are happy that all the details are correct, please click on the "yes" box to confirm accuracy. When you press enter, you confirm that all of the details are correct and that you have accepted all the terms and conditions that the facility has presented to you.

At this point you also provide Eaziwaiver Pty Ltd permission to provide the facility that you have entered the agreement this waiver and all its details

The last screen confirms that the waiver has been completed. If you return home you will be able to view the signed waiver.

Please logout and enjoy your time with the facility that has been selected.